Business Planning for Start-Ups: A Video Series to Help You Launch Your Business

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You can watch and learn practical business planning start-up essentials! From business planning to the development of a marketing strategy, this video series can help.

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Futurpreneur Canada has produced a video series for entrepreneurs in Manitoba. These videos can help you get a better grasp on the basics of planning and launching your business. Whether you’re looking to start your own skilled trades company, or plan to open a retail clothing store, these 10 videos will teach you everything you need to know to start your business.

The business planning for start-ups video series 

เกมส์Video 1: So you want to be an entrepreneur? (13 minutes)

Being an entrepreneur is more than just running a small business. You need the right traits, mindset and drive to be successful. Learn about how other entrepreneurs in Manitoba took that first important step.

Video 2: The A+ Business Plan (12 minutes)

Your business plan is a key document that lays the foundation for your business. It includes everything you need to think of and prepare before you launch. Learn how to write a great business plan so you can open your doors!

Video 3: Market Research & Branding (13 minutes)

Understanding who your customer is, what they want and what your competitors are doing all play a part in your market research and developing your brand. Learn how to conduct research to identify who your ideal customer is and the importance of developing a brand as part of your business plan.

Video 4: The 4 P’s of Marketing (17 minutes)

Your marketing mix of price, product, promotion and place are key elements in your marketing strategy. Learn to ask the right questions about the 4 Ps and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Video 5: Marketing Strategies (16 minutes)

There are many ways to market your business, but you don’t need to use them all. With your compelling value in hand, you need to identify the activities that will have the most impact. Learn about the pros and cons of marketing activities and reach your customer faster.

Video 6: Operations and your people (16 minutes)

Your business is more than the products and services you offer. The people that you hire can make all the difference. Learn about the ins and outs of human resources to build your perfect team.

Video 7: Start-up Financing (16 minutes)

Translating your business from an idea into a reality requires financing. Understanding the costs you will incur when you start is critical. Learn about the factors to consider when determining your start-up costs and where you can access the financing to launch your business.

Video 8: Sales Forecasting (11 minutes)

Your sales revenue brings in the cash that keeps your business running. Knowing how to predict how much money you can generate is an important skill. Learn the formula to forecasting your sales and being confident of your future financial state.

Video 9: Financial Statements 101: Part A (9 minutes)

Understanding key concepts and formulas might be scary, but they are a fundamental element of being successful in business. Learn the basics so you can start interpreting your financial statements.

Video 10: Financial Statements 101: Part B (13 minutes)

Your financial statements tell a story: how healthy is your business? The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow are three vital documents to know inside out. Learn how to uncover the narrative of your business through these financial statements.